Uniform Diagrams


  1. T-shirt: The moisture wicking tan T-shirt or cotton T-shirt is worn underneath the coat and is tucked inside the trousers at all times.

  2. Name and U.S. Army tapes: Name and U.S. Army tapes are 5 inches long and are worn immediately above and parallel with the top of the c hest pocket flaps. The background can be either olive green or the universal camouflage pattern. (Note: may be sewn on at the Soldier’s expense. Authority: Army Directive 2011-11).

  3. U.S. Flag insignia: (not shown) worn on the right shoulder pocket flap of the ACU coat.

  4. Wartime Service SSI : (not shown) The former wartime service shoulder sleeve insignia is centered on the hook and loopface pad on the right sleeve of the ACU coat.
Army Combat Uniform